Crop Circles
I have notice a singular parallel between Crop Circles (CC) discoveries and the rising cost and inflasion of my corn flakes. This is not a new deliberation for me you see I have long suspected a connection between food, aliens and the control of the populace.

It all started a little over two decades ago. CC during that time was not big news in the secular media as they are today. There were many of us out there in the nocks and crannies as guardians of our planet keeping a watch on the heavens.

My story stated on a day in the middle of the week. This day was like any other day for me. All appeared to be going on as usual, as I turned on the small kitchen TV set to the morning news and traffic reports. I took the milk from the refrigerator and a bowl from the cabinet and setup for my breakfast of Captain Sugar Rice Puff flakes and milk. As I was placing my bowl on the table, I heard a news reporter say something that astonished me and I quickly turned my attention to the TV. The news reporter was reporting on the alarming rate of CC that was appearing all over the world.

As the reporter spoke the screen showed aerial photos of highly technical designs that were left by the unknown visitors, the intergalactic graffiti artist. They showed photos of intricate designs discovered in the Mid West USA, complex geometric CC’s in Asia, in the mountains of South America, in the grain fields of England and even in Russia. They interviewed a man that stated he was an expert on CCs and written several books on the subject and a baffled framer that simply asked “why my fields?”

“Why not,” I knowingly directed my respond towards the TV set. “People, don’t you know what going on around you?” I said taking my seat. I sat at the kitchen table continuing to watch the newscast. Out of nowhere, I suddenly felt a chill and an eerie foreboding come over me as I lifted my cereal box and started to shake some of the contents into my bowl. I have done this exercise so often I could almost compare it to breathing or better still walking without thinking about it. I felt it and it was with me my box of Captain Sugar Rice Puff flakes was lighter!

It was enough weight dissimilarity that I dropped the box onto the table and stood up in utter disbelief. “What going on here” I thought or said aloud I cannot remember.

Was someone playing a joke on me? How could this be? What did all this mean? Was this a dream I was experiencing. Was I just a spectator in a twisted twilight nightmare fantasy and soon I would awaken to the reality of life and find that the appropriate weight of cereal would be found to be correct.
Reminiscent of life itself, not all of us win the lottery, get the pretty girl or find a mint copy of Amazing Fantasy introducing Spider Man; even though I owned an original when I was eight years of age I paid only twelve cents for it. This was the real life and my cereal box was lighter in weight.
I looked at the box of Captain Sugar Rice Puffs flakes lying on the table.

I examined the box I knew so well and had just opened. I needed to make sure that this was my brand of cereal and not one of those Captain Sugar Rice Puffs knock off like Commander Sugar Rice Puffs flakes that fill the market shields these days. Commander compared to a captain I would be able to spot the difference. I slowly turned the box from side to side and to my horror, it was my dear Captain Sugar Rice Puffs flakes brand all right.

The dear Captain smiled from semi glossy box so proudly at me completely oblivious to the demeaning circumstance in which he was now a part. I had known the captain for many years dating back to my earliest childhood memories. Oh the days of my youth with the captain my younger brother and I would eat a bowl of the delicious roof of your mouth cutting cereal. Those were the days sending away for items just include the requested number of box tops, a self-address envelope and a dime for postage and handling. There he was with his familiar turquoise captain suit and hat. His captain coat he portentously still donned with its golden captain military braids and lace that he won for flavor and being vitamin fortified.

I turned off the TV they were now interviewing some rich “done nothing brat important” about a stolen photo from her phone she took half-nude while drunk at one of the Disney theme parks I believe; who cares.
Then I saw it, it was as plains as the nose on my face. How, on earth could I have missed it. Why have not it made the news? I was shocked, confused and a little angry to see it printed on the box. I was shorted 4ozs of my cereal.

“So they knew, they knew it all along,” I said to myself. How far up the corporate line does this conspiracy go? Who at the top levels of the Captain Sugar Rice Puffs Flakes Company knew?
I all of a sudden shook as a cold sweat formed on my forehead, the government. What did the government know? My mind was now racing with strange theories “the shooter on the grassy knoll” “Jeb Bush hiding Florida ballots in the Everglades”.

Then it struck me, was it just a coincidence that I alone, discovered my cereal weight lost and the news report just happen to be about CCs that morning?

Cereal is made from crops and crop circles are made from crops!

Don’t you see it Crop Circle and Cereal.

I think not and I suggest you too follow this to the end, I surely will!

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  1. nik says:

    A good example ah.

  2. a says:

    I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great.
    I don’t know who you are but certainly you are going
    to a famous blogger if you are not already ;) Cheers!

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