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 “Back to the Future” Day.

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In Back to the Future Part II Marty McFly and Doc Brown travels from October 1985 to October 21, 2015, to save his yet unborn children.

The plot gets tangled — by fixing one thing, McFly and Doc Brown (and the villainous Biff Tannen) create a number of new messes — but what remains is the film’s vision of a year that was still more than a quarter-century away when the movie was shot and released in 1989.

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As with other movies dealing with the future, such as “2001: A Space Odyssey” (set in the early 2000s) or “Blade Runner” (set in 2019, which will be here before you know it).

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The predictions of “Back to the Future II”

Flying drones are ubiquitous in Back to the Future’s 2015, and they’re shown doing everything from walking a dog to capturing and broadcasting news.

Big Screen TVs I have three!

Mr. Fusion, no we do not have that yet! Toyota is promoting its new hydrogen fuel cell car—the Mirai—with an ad campaign featuring Back to the Future actors Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

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Tablets and Mobile Payment Technology

Viewers catch a glimpse of a tablet device in the film, when a an elderly lady asks Marty to electronically donate $100 to save the town’s historic Clock tower.

Virtual-reality goggles, yes we do! at the nostalgic Café 80s two young boys are taken aback when they see Marty play an arcade game. “You mean you have to use your hands?” one says. “That’s like a baby’s toy!” the other scoffs.

Shared Video Phones that connect to your Flat screen TV’s

We all have then!

“Jaws 19,” no if you do not count all the SCIFI channels shark movies.

Self-lacing sneakers believe it or not YES! The first person to receive a pair of the company’s “Back to the Futureself-lacing shoes will be the franchise’s star Michael J. Fox, according to a Nike designer.

and there are others!!!!!!


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